About Us

At The Comfortable Seat, we’re committed to giving our every client a unique and wonderful experience. Our services aren’t for everyone; we select clients that are passionate, open-minded, and enthusiastic about their lives and careers.

At The Comfortable Seat, we’re committed to providing our clients with quality service and design. We’re a heart-centered business with a central mission to do the most possible good. We care about the well-being of others, and we strive to help like-minded business owners succeed through great design.

About the Principal

Taylor Swan began his professional career training at the School of Marine Engineering & Navigation in Brooklyn, New York where he acquired proficiency in the operation and maintenance of steam-powered propulsion systems on maritime vessels.

During his years at sea, unplanned system failures and troubleshooting allowed Taylor to develop a keen sense for diagnosing pain-points, identifying causes, and implementing solutions. Seeking a new challenge, he applied the same analytical thinking and problem solving skills to workspace design, and sought to improve the comfort, efficiency, and productivity of ailing business environments.

A decade later, Taylor crafted The Comfortable Seat to provide premium workspace consulting and design to small and medium businesses, and empower clients to succeed.

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