We work hard to do the most possible good for our clients, and we value their endorsements. Need more assurance? Take it from them.

  • “Situations have come up on a job that no one could have foreseen–things that shouldn’t have fallen to Taylor to fix. But he stepped to the plate and was really able to help.”
  • “It’s difficult to find someone you trust to make sure that everything goes as flawlessly as possible. He had a personality that wasn’t pushy, and he’s genuine. I felt from day one he truly would be there to make sure everything was done properly, and he always has been.”
  • “He came in early and stayed late, and worked several extra hours to make sure his customers were taken care of.”
  • “Our experience was phenomenal. He’s got all the things you need. The pricing was right, and the quality behind it all was top-notch!”
  • “He did what he said he would do, and when he said he would do it. He delivered on what he promised.”
  • “Taylor is really down-to-earth, and approachable. Many times we started talking about a project, and next thing you know, we were talking about our lives. It would end up being more of a meeting between two friends, and ending with a hug, rather than feeling like a work session.”